The Benefits of IV Infusions

written: 06/13/2022

When it comes to managing your health and wellness, ensuring proper hydration and a balance of essential vitamins & minerals is key. While this can be achieved with a well-planned diet, IV infusion therapy can make the process a whole lot easier. IV is short for “intravenous,” meaning the liquid treatment is administered directly into a vein via a small, flexible catheter. IV treatment is typically known for its use in hospital rooms, but is quickly gaining popularity in the community for its ability to provide proactive immune support, and reactive measures, like rapidly alleviating hangover symptoms. Proudly offered by Devine Concierge Medicine’s team of physicians and nurses, mobile IV infusion services can now be safely enjoyed in the comfort and convenience of your very own home.

What is in an IV therapy bag?

The base of an IV bag is often (but not always) composed of normal saline. This base helps other content, such as vitamins, minerals, and occasionally medication, properly flow into your system. While some contents can vary based on your specific needs, they all play a part in keeping your body functioning properly.

Saline: The base of an IV therapy bag

The base of an IV bag is often (but not always) composed of normal saline. This base helps other content, such as vitamins, minerals, and occasionally medication, properly flow into your system. While some contents can vary based on your specific needs, they all play a part in keeping your body functioning properly.

Vitamins, minerals, and medicative additives

IV bags contain a variety of components that vary depending on the individual’s needs. Common elements include:

  • Vitamins such as B, C, and D: Boost the immune system, help digestion, promote healthy nerve function, and increase energy levels.
  • Calcium: Builds healthy bones and teeth.
  • Magnesium: Promotes a healthy metabolism and reduces inflammation.
  • Antioxidants: Protect cells against disease.
  • Dextrose: A sugar molecule that helps stabilize blood sugar levels and increase energy.
  • Antibiotics: IV bags can contain antibiotics if the patient is experiencing an infection.

Your physician will guide you through the benefits of an IV bag’s component, and suggest the right combination for your unique needs.

Preventative and revitalizing benefits of IV infusion therapy

Since IV bags contain a cocktail of vitamins, you may wonder what the difference is between IV Infusion Therapy and taking over-the-counter vitamins. When you take an oral vitamin, your body may not fully absorb it, as it needs to pass through the digestive system first. IV Infusions allow for a more direct route into the bloodstream, which makes them more effective and can alleviate ailments quicker. If you feel dehydrated, drinking water too fast can also make you nauseous. IV therapy can also hydrate you in minutes as opposed to gulping down too much water in a short period of time

There are a multitude of preventative and revitalizing benefits of IV infusion therapy. Some of the most common uses are as follows.

Vitamin IV therapy for immune support

If you are worried about catching a bug, or simply want to take preventative measures, vitamin IV therapy can deliver the appropriate nutrients for a stronger immune system. This means more protection against cold and flu season and better peace of mind

This is a great option for anyone, but may be extra helpful for those who like to travel and may come in contact with large amounts of people. With an immune support boost, you will not have to worry about illness derailing your vacation and travel plans.

IV hydration therapy for hangovers

After a long night out or one too many drinks, we can all feel the harsh effects of a hangover. Hangovers are mainly caused by dehydration and lead to low energy levels, nausea, and many other unpleasant symptoms. IV therapy delivers extra hydration and vitamins to revive your energy levels and medication to help with symptoms such as nausea and headaches. A typical hangover can last up to 24 hours, and can last longer, or become more severe, as you age. IV therapy offers immediate relief of almost all hangover symptoms, as it is the quickest way to replenish your body’s lost fluids.

IV therapy for athletic performance recovery

As we know, IV therapy is great for rehydration. After any athletic performance, you can find yourself reaching for a water bottle to get some much-needed fluids. However, you may also find yourself feeling sore and exhausted. IV therapy can give you the hydration you need, while also providing electrolytes to help you retain that hydration. Other vitamins help repair tissues and elevate energy levels during your recovery period. Whether you are recovering from a race or hit the gym too hard, IV infusion therapy benefits all types of athletes.

IV infusion therapy for cold and flu relief

Most people have experienced the symptoms of a cold or flu– headache, nausea, exhaustion, body aches, and fever. IV drip therapy offers relief to these symptoms with medication, while also giving your immune system some extra help through hydration and additional vitamins.

IV therapy for pregnancy symptom alleviation

Whether you spent most of your day outside or just got back from vacation, a day in the sun can leave you dehydrated and exhausted. IV therapy rehydrates you and replenishes the nutrients you lose through sweat. This is also especially helpful for those who have developed a sunburn, as sunburns can significantly dehydrate you and need more water to promote healing.

IV infusion therapy for migraine and headache relief

Headaches and migraines can derail your days with pain and leave you feeling drained. IV therapy reduces symptoms by introducing anti-inflammation vitamins, pain relievers, and giving your system the hydration it needs. When nausea can accompany your headache or migraine, additional medication can also be added to combat this symptom.


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