The Benefits of Preventative Care

written: 05/04/2022

Prioritizing your health can be hard with busy lives, hard-to-reach physicians, and a complicated healthcare system. But now, you can take back control and make your health a priority with preventative care. Preventative care is a method of medicine that is meant to prevent health issues from disrupting your life, catching and addressing them before they ever become a problem. It is a way of shifting our perspective on our health — focusing on maintaining your health as opposed to only seeing your physician once your life is disrupted.

Preventative care means you can build a relationship with your physician and get a holistic outlook on your health and longevity. As your physician gets to know you, your health, and your goals, the two of you can start looking ahead, planning how to prevent serious illness, and help you live your longest and fullest life.

While focusing on health maintenance may seem like it’d be time consuming, with the right care team in place, much of it can be made simple and autonomous. Preventative care has numerous long term benefits — and you’re never too young to start thinking about it.

Safeguard against health problems

Nearly 47% of Americans suffer from a chronic illness, meaning they are dealing with an ongoing condition that requires medical attention and changes to daily life. Of all the deaths in the U.S., about 70% each year are due to chronic illness. These jarring statistics show that it’s never too early to start thinking about your long-term health. In many ways, after the age of twenty-four, we stop growing and start aging. Rather than wait for a health-scare like most people, going on offense early can help prevent health problems from cropping up later in life.

Preventative care can help you identify which illnesses you’re predisposed to, what genetic conditions you might inherit, and catch issues before they turn into big health complications. When you constantly interface with your physician, they can get to know you, your family medical history, and your lifestyle habits to better inform their care. They’ll be able to identify which ailments you might be more likely to have or ways to prevent diseases that may run in your family, like heart disease.

Helps you reach your health goals

Another benefit of personalized, high-touch healthcare is that you’ll be able to reach your health goals under safe supervision. With a deep understanding of your health and medical history, your physician can work with you to advise dietary plans, exercise plans, or provide general advice to live a long and full life.

Physicians can also refer you to the right specialized medical professionals based on your medical history. When you build a strong relationship with your physician, they’ll learn what goals you want to reach, what kinds of treatments you respond well to, and more. This can help them recommend the best specialized healthcare providers when more expertise is needed.

Improved longterm health

Prolonged health issues can be a result of many small health issues over time, but preventative care can help prevent this. Any chronic conditions you may have, like arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, or diabetes, can be actively treated alongside new conditions with preventative care.

You’ll also be able to spot any new issues before they become big problems with preventative care. When you’re able to catch complications early and monitor them, physicians are able to use that historical data to tailor any future treatments. It’s just one of the ways that preventative care can help you take a holistic look at your health, instead of relying on one-off appointments with doctors who don’t know you.

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