Explore what our patients and providers have to say about the Devine Concierge Medicine team.

Renee J.

"They are the most amazing doctors. I will definitely refer everyone I know. They are so efficient and so personable. They go over everything with each patient as well as the patient's family. They are always available and talk to you as a real person. They really care about your well being. Definitely call them if you need a great doctor!!"

Stephanie B.

"Dr. Dan and Dr. Mike are the most amazing and knowledgeable doctors we ever worked with. My husband has multiple health issues that, at times, can be complicated. From the moment we signed on with Drs. Devine they both jumped right in, starting with a visit to our home, review of medications, and scheduling us with the necessary specialists. They were always available, kind, compassionate and professional. When my husband was in a Florida hospital, they contacted my husband’s nurse and the hospitalist. They were with us every step of the way. Signing on with Devine Concierge was the BEST thing we ever did."

Dana B.

"As an ICU nurse at a local community hospital, I have the pleasure of working with Dr. Mike and Dr. Dan Devine. Mike and Dan are phenomenal physicians. I truly enjoy working along side them. Mike and Dan are very honest and genuine professionals. I have witnessed immense compassion and understanding from both in challenging situations. Both are fabulous physicians that are extremely caring and down to earth. As a member of their team, I am confident they will continue to place patient safety first. With their empathetic nature, it is obvious they have truly found their calling. Mike and Dan make a difference in patients lives! Their compassion is heartwarming! I am excited as they embark on this new journey and I couldn't be prouder to call them my colleagues."

Alecia H.

"I have worked with Doctor Mike and Dan Devine for a year and have watched them in awe as they delivered exceptional patient care to the patients we have cared for and their families. They never rush through care, questions, concerns and have addressed every need with thee most compassion and professionalism. You will not find a more dedicated team of doctors who will work for you and with you based on the needs of your health and support system. Consider Devine Concierge Medicine as a part of your healthcare team."

Victoria J.

"As a RN I 100% recommend Devine Concierge Medicine!! They have always provided top notch care to clients."

Allie L.

"Top notch physicians providing top level, personalized care!"

Edward B.

"We come from a medical family. We moved here after 48 years in Central PA where we had terrific medical care by well-trained and personable Primary Care Physicians. We came here and tried to join recommended and accepted practices only to be treated with indifference and sometimes less than professional competence. I decided to consider Devine Concierge Medicine and after nearly 3 years with them, I am ever so grateful to have them as my physicians give some significant issues needing great competency and coordination of care. I can honestly report I am feeling better and am in better shape today than I was 3 years ago. The physicians are the real deal. They are excellent and well worth their fee."

Melissa F.

"My wife and I are new to the community of concierge medicine, in general. We did extensive research on who was providing these services local to our community and after an exhaustive search landed on Devine Concierge Medicine as the likely #1 contender. We had initial appointments scheduled with two other groups on the calendar for a time after meeting Dan and Michael. After our initial meeting, we cancelled the other introductory meetings….. it was abundantly clear to us that we had a pair of doctors who were committed to reinventing (or perhaps bringing back) primary care medicine and truly leveraging preventative care vs our nation’s vast “sick care” network.

Funny. Charming. Intelligent. Extremely knowledgeable. Empathic. Passionate. These are just some of the descriptions of their personalities.

Acute medical care layered with preventative and longevity approaches is what landed us here and I expect to be thrilled members of the Devine community for many years to come!
Bravo, gentlemen!"

Robert F.

"The whole team is great. They are proactive and professional and always reachable."

Grace B.

"The wonderful thing about Drs. Dan and Mike is that they immediately respond to any question or need. They show they know you and are partners in your health care. I couldn’t be more pleased."

Judy C.

"It has been wonderful working with Drs. Dan and Mike Devine! They are smart, kind and available 24/7. My own private doctors! It is a blessing! I am so glad that I found them."

Tunia H.

"Drs. Michael and Daniel Devine have been my husband's and my Concierge Doctors for over two years and we are thrilled with their compassionate care. To spare you the inconvenience of travel they make house calls so there is no sitting in a waiting room! But best of all is their thorough and comprehensive care. Blood draws, checkups and other basic medical tests are done in the comfort of your own home. We are so pleased with Devine Concierge Medicine and highly recommend its services."

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