A luxury primary care practice bringing personalized, world-class medicine to Philadelphia’s Main Line.

    It’s clear there is a problem in healthcare. With the average primary care provider struggling to keep up with the needs of thousands of patients, appointments are often rushed and difficult to come by. Who came up with this system? Why is it so difficult to get the care that you deserve?

    Why is it so difficult to get ahold of my doctor?

    Why do all my visits feel so rushed?

    Does anyone even care about my health?

Devine Concierge Medicine: Primary Care The Way It Should Be

We believe there’s a better way. Devine Concierge Medicine is an exclusive offering of truly exceptional primary care. Founded by brothers, Michael & Daniel Devine, every detail has been carefully considered and highly designed to provide precisely the type of care they would want for themselves, as physicians, or for a beloved family member.

Having trained at the prestigious Johns Hopkins and Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, they bring a level of expertise nearly impossible to find outside the bastions of large academic medical centers — through which, it would be unheard of to receive this level of highly attentive, personalized care.

Patients enjoy direct access to the doctors via their personal cell phones, guaranteed same day availability, extended appointment times, concierge scheduling of care, preferred access to elite specialists & medical facilities, advanced preventative health measures, and every visit provided via house call.

Whether you are a busy professional with a tight schedule, a care-taker of an aging parent, or merely health-conscious and interested in preserving your own vitality, there is no substitute.

Devine Concierge Medicine, very simply, is primary care the way it should be.


Attentive, Personalized Care
More Time With Your Doctor
On-Demand Appointments
Continuous, Preventative Medicine

How It Works

Prioritizing the intangibles of time, access, and personal attention, the entire paradigm of primary care has been re-imagined — with you at the very center. When this happens, everything changes. Maintaining your health begins to feel effortless. In order to offer this level of extraordinary care, access is exclusively reserved for members only.

Membership is not covered by health insurance and is paid directly to the practice on an annual, semiannual, or monthly basis. This allows us to offer clients something truly special — our full energy and focus, and our absolute availability. It’s an unparalleled standard in healthcare; far in excess of what insurance is willing to pay for.

We serve Philadelphia's Main Line and the surrounding areas. If you don’t seem to be in our service area, reach out anyway. We still may be able to take you on as a patient.

What is Concierge Medicine?
Our Service Area
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Don't Take It From Us

"The wonderful thing about Drs. Dan and Mike is that they immediately respond to any question or need. They show they know you and are partners in your health care. I couldn’t be more pleased."

Grace B.

"The whole team is great. They are proactive and professional and always reachable."

Robert F.

"It has been wonderful working with Drs. Dan and Mike Devine! They are smart, kind and available 24/7. My own private doctors! It is a blessing! I am so glad that I found them."

Judy C.
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Reach out with any questions you may have, or to learn how we can help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

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