Our Story

Founded on the principle of delivering simply extraordinary primary care, Devine Concierge Medicine is contemporary healthcare at its very finest. We have merged the highly personalized approach of times long past with modern technology and world-class, evidence-based medicine to offer something truly unparalleled in the Philadelphia suburbs.

It’s an unfortunate truth that healthcare is not what it used to be. While medicine’s ability to understand and treat disease processes has advanced dramatically over the years, the care provided to each of us as individuals has seemingly declined. How could this have happened?

In an attempt to improve ‘outcomes’, healthcare has lost its way by moving in the direction of big-picture ‘quality metrics’ under the guise of ‘population health.’ Well, where does that leave you as an individual? Who is paying attention to you when you need help?

The type of care that you deserve.

Brothers, Drs. Michael & Daniel Devine, recognized these shortcomings and decided to move in a different direction.

Reflecting on their training at some of the world’s most prestigious and storied medical institutions, they have meticulously curated every detail of this practice to be simply revolutionary.

Patients, not insurance companies, are the center of focus. Care is proactive rather than reactive. Gone, are all the hassles and hoop-jumping associated with typical primary care. The result — patients enjoy total peace of mind knowing their health, privacy, and wellbeing are secure.

This is primary care the way it should be. This is the type of care that you deserve.

Michael Devine and Daniel Devine

Our Ethos

Devine Concierge Medicine was founded to deliver simply extraordinary primary care. Refusing to accept the status quo, we have chosen to partner with our patients directly — prioritizing the intangibles of time, access, and personal attention. It’s medicine at its very finest.

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What Is Concierge Medicine?

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